PWA to speak at Haringey cabinet meeting tonight!

The PWA will be speaking briefly at the council Cabinet Meeting this evening, Tuesday, 20 January, to remind the councillors of Haringey’s March 2013 pledge to stay true to its own planning policies, and to follow the guidance given by an independent planning inspector.

This deposition will only last a few minutes, but they need the viewing space to be full, so that Haringey is in no doubt that we all mean business…

Watch from the gallery at 6.30pm on Tuesday 20 January
Civic Centre, High Road, Wood Green, N22 8ZW.

Please arrive at 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start. We’re on very early, and we should all be able to leave by 6.45pm.

Please mark our bgdra AGM 2014 in your diaries now! VENUE CONFIRMED

Our annual get together has come around again.  This is a great opportunity to meet other residents and to raise concerns you may have with our committee members and local Councillors.

In addition there will be a presentation by staff from Alexandra Palace about their Heritage Lottery Fund project.  There will also be an update on the recent Pinkham Way developments as Barnet Council attempt to apply for a waste facility to be placed there.

The meeting details are:

Thursday 23rd October, 8pm, Alexandra Park School, Main hall, please enter via Bidwell Gardens gate (there will be someone there to direct you)

Hope to see you there!

PWA fundraising concert on Sun May 35th

The need for funds to keep fighting for Pinkham Way has not gone away!

There remains an imminent threat from Barnet to lodge a planning application to at least turn some of Pinkham Way in to a lorry park.  Therefore money is still needed to ensure PWA can fight this application with continued vigour.

PWA have recently announced an event on Sunday 25 May.  The Chair of the PWA used to sing professionally in a previous life and he will be joining the hugely talented Suzanna Perry (soprano) and Christopher Gould (piano) for a concert of songs, arias and duets.

The programme includes Mozart, Richard Strauss, Ravel, Leoncavallo, Vaughan Williams and Walton, and finishes with the lighter touch of Gershwin and Jerome Kern.

If this appeals then come along on Sunday 25 May at 4pm at the usual venue, St Andrew’s Church, Alexandra Park Road, N10 2DD.

If you prefer you can reserve tickets (£10 adults, £5 under 16s) here.

URGENT – Response required to Pinkham Way consultation

You may have seen via the PWA that a new consultation process has started on what’s called a “Site Allocations – Development Plan Document”.  Basically there are 54 sites discussed in the document across the borough and one of them is Pinkham Way.  The outcome of this consultation could make it much easier for NLWA to develop the site in an industrial manner that all residents will be unhappy about.

Therefore your help is needed to provide a response and the quickest and easiest way to do that is to add your name to the PWA response.  I’ve done it and it only takes 2 minutes!

You are equally allowed to provide your own response and the PWA site gives guidance on how to do that.

The deadline for responding is Thurs 6th March, so why not do it now while it’s fresh in your mind.

Pinkham Way – the current threat and how we fight it

Our friends in the Pinkham Way Alliance have made a request that we think should be shared with you.  If you haven’t already received the email here it is:

The North London Waste Authority (NLWA) has paid £12 million for the Pinkham Way site. We calculate it’ll do all it can to build a huge waste facility there.

Similarly, site co-owners Barnet Council show no sign of stepping back from their plans to relocate their entire fleet of waste vehicles there, despite its proximity to one of the most congested and polluted roads in London.

Haringey Council will soon decide how Pinkham Way should be treated. We must press them to ensure they understand that it’s inappropriate for waste usage.

Our position on this is clear: it is greenfield land, and not, as currently designated, brownfield. As a rare and valuable conservation asset, it shouldn’t even be marked as suitable for employment.

PWA experts have spent months preparing the planning case for this, and now need help from the consultant who worked with us so effectively to beat Haringey’s audacious attempt to designate Pinkham Way as ‘industrial’ early last year.

We’ve all benefited enormously from the tireless work of a few talented volunteers who have put in an astonishing amount of time and effort. At professional rates, our bill for the work they’ve done without pay would have sailed past half-a-million pounds a long time ago.

To continue the fight to defend our open space, please help out however you can, and ask your neighbours to do the same.

You could set up a monthly donation by standing order, or give something via Paypal, bank transfer or cheque. Full details on how to make a donation can be found on the donations page of our website.

Interested in Bounds Green crime statistics?

You might not be aware of this but there is a website called which presents a surprising amount of detail on what has been happening in each ward across the UK.

Here is a link to the page for the ward that covers Bounds Green.

We can be slightly reassured that our map doesn’t merit a high crime hotspot, only medium or low.

This is updated regularly but will always be a few months behind as it takes time to analyse and process the numbers.

Is a borough wide 20mph zone a good idea?

Did you know that Haringey are currently consulting all residents on having a 20mph borough wide speed limit?


No?  Well here is a link to the detail on the Haringey website. You have until 31st October to submit your response, you can do it online via the above Haringey link.

The bgdra has already sent a letter in response and you can view that via this link.  In summary the association are against a blanket borough wide limit, they feel it would not be practical on main roads and the evidence of pollution reductions and safety improvements is inconclusive.  They are only in favour of a limit in appropriate places.

What do you think?  You have until the end of the month to tell Haringey.

We’d be interested to know now so answer the poll question below and lets see…

Really good news on Pinkham Way….

…but not absolute success!

In case you hadn’t already heard via the PWA, this week the NLWA has announced that it is ending its procurement for long term waste services.


This means that their plan to use Pinkham Way for a Mechanical and Biological Treatment plant will not go ahead. Yippee!  We should give ourselves a big round of applause for all the letters, petitions, protests, meetings, events etc that we’ve been involved with.  Every bit has helped so well done.

Unfortunately the fight is not over yet.  NLWA still want to use the site for a Materials Recycling Facility. Booo!  Though less smelly it will still obliterate the conservation site and create an enormous pollution problem from all the lorry visits.

This is all at a very early stage and the PWA are keeping very close tabs on what is happening.  We will still need your help to continue the fight so keep checking this website for the latest.

Come along to the bgdra AGM 2013

It’s that time of the year again!

The bgdra AGM is taking place on Thurs Sept 19th at 8pm.

The venue is Sheridan Hall, Scout Park (see map below)

There will be updates from our experts on Pinkham Way, some of our local councillors will be there, as will representatives of the Safer Neighbourhood Team.  Refreshments will be provided.  So come and have your say!