How could the BGDRA help you?

What do you want the BGDRA to be?

Our homes were still new when the Bounds Green and District Residents Association was founded in 1933. Now the BGDRA needs your interest and energy to keep going.

We cannot underestimate the commitment of long-standing members, particularly treasurer Ron Lock and chairman Ken Ranson. Indeed, let’s pay tribute to them for their decades of effective community work. However, we can’t rely on a few people to keep it going.

Many of us have busy lives, so perhaps this won’t be possible; but seeing how my neighbours rallied round following recent burglaries, I think the BGDRA still has a purpose.

It doesn’t have to be complicated; it could become a hub for sharing info from the police; and a place to signpost larger planning issues, such as  Pinkham Way.

My name is Rebecca, and I can publish this e-newsletter, which goes to about 140 people, and update the blog every month this year. Use the contact form or email to let me know what you want to see; send me your information about events you want to promote, or anything that you think your neighbours might want to know.

And let us know what direction you want the BGDRA to take – and how you might be able to get involved. All suggestions are welcome.

Or why not come along to the next meeting on Monday 9 May, at 7.30pm in the library at Alexandra Park School. Use the Rhodes Avenue entrance.


Your ideas for the ward budget?

How could we spend part of a £10,000 ward budget to improve the environment and community spirit?

This budget funded the flower displays outside Bounds Green tube and I think street parties are included too…

Bounds Green and Alexandra wards both have a budget that can be split between applications that ‘improve the wellbeing of the local community in Haringey’. The last round of budgets was underspent, so it’s worth having a go.

Community organisations with a bank account – such as the BGDRA – can apply, with help from ward councillors. Examples of applications that are likely to succeed are:

    • Funding to support ongoing and regular ward or community engagement and development
    • Providing access to tools for a community garden or impacting positively on resident engagement
  • Funding to be used to engage a particular part of the community on a specific issue

See the full details

So, let us know your ideas; send an email, or come along to the next meeting.

Neighbours unite in face of Churston Gardens burglaries

At least six burglaries have happened in Churston Gardens  – which runs from Blake Road to Cline Road –  in the past two months. Miserable for those affected, and worrying for everyone else.

The street’s active community is pulling together to help increase security and to look after one another’s property. A group meeting with the police, arranged by residents and led by Bounds Green ward officer PC Paris Michael, saw frustrations and concerns voiced, and lots of practical advice offered.

The most important message?

If you see someone or something suspicious, or have anything stolen, however small, dial the non-emergency police number 101 and report it. You will be giving the police valuable data that they can use to make the most of their limited resources. Of course, if you see a crime being committed, dial 999

Five security ideas

  1. Fit an alarm – or even a fake box – they do deter burglars.
  2. Hide your valuables in the loft when you go on holiday
  3. Check if your TV can be set to switch itself on when you’re out
  4. Consider LED lights that be controlled remotely by smartphone
  5. Don’t leave anything on show in your car

Meet your Bounds Green Safer Neighbourhoods team at a street briefing on Friday 22 April, at Bounds Green tube from 12-1pm

See next month’s e-newsletter for more on policing

Planning news

Developer plans 12 houses for Blake Road bowling green

Keep an eye out for a planning application to build 12 houses on the site of a former bowls club.

The Glencairn Bowls Club closed earlier this year and the site was bought by a private developer. Access to Blake Road is shared with St Martin of Porres RC Primary School.

The BGDRA is concerned about:

    • The loss of open space
  • The danger to children from increased traffic

It is believed that Sports England has also raised concerns about development plans.

Yewtree Close development fears

People living in Yewtree Close are opposing plans to build four detached four-storey townhouses on land at the back of their homes. They are not NIMBYs, as they knew the land would be developed at some point, but they are very concerned that the proposed development:

    • Is too big for the site
    • Is out of character for the area
  • Would threaten mature trees on what is a greenfield site

See the planning application and all of the objections
(Yewtree Close is a small cul-de-sac opposite the library on Albert Road)

Tunnel Gardens

According to Labour councillor for Alexandra ward Liz McShane at last Monday’s BGDRA meeting, ‘nothing has happened’ since last summer about plans to replace homes in Tunnel Gardens with a development of flats. Watch this space…

Pinkham Way

Thanks from the Pinkham Way Alliance to the 1,488 supporters who signed up to be represented by them in the Haringey Local Plan. See more  

The next step is for an independent planning inspector to be appointed. And look out for another consultation about the North London Waste Plan in the summer.

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