August 14th 2020

Haringey has made a phase 2 bid for a LTN in Bounds Green. We will know if it is successful during the week beginning 24th August 2020. If it is successful, plans will be put forward to reduce the traffic flow through Bidwell Gardens, Winton Avenue and Blake Road. Local residents, allotment holders, school runs and service vehicles will need access. It will be a temporary trial.

Following a controversial phase 1 bid for a Quieter Neighbourhood Area, Enfield has made a phase 2 bid to close Brownlow Road to traffic except buses and service vehicles.

Traffic needing to go East on the N. Circular will divert to the Green Lanes junction resulting in tailbacks on Green Lanes. Some will divert to the Colney Hatch Lane junction increasing traffic on Durnsford Road, Alexandra Park Road and Colney Hatch Lane. Traffic needing to get to Warwick Road and nearby streets will have to go via Green Lanes.


Your Local Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is the coming together of Residents and the Police with support from various authorities such as the local Council and Police Authority. It’s strength comes from the community looking out for each other involving simple, neighbourly tasks:

  • Reporting suspicious activity to the Police
  • Sharing information on recent local crimes with neighbours (increasing vigilance & crime prevention awareness)
  • Checking on vulnerable neighbours after an incident (creating a caring community)
  • Discussing on-going concerns with neighbours

A working watch scheme creates a stronger community and has the potential to lower crime, or if you are already enjoying a low level of crime, it can help to keep it that way. The power of Neighbourhood Watch can also be used when a community wishes to tackle a specific problem. By calling a meeting and inviting the police,  a community can speak with one voice representing everyone in the street, estate or area. This coming together will help the police receive a clear understanding of the issue and will work with the community to resolve the problem and bring in  other authorities to help if necessary.

There are various Neighbourhood Watches in the Bounds Green area. The newest being the Scouts Neighbourhood Watch which covers Woodfield Way, Lynton Gardens, Passmore Gardens and Torrington Gardens. Also there is the newly formed The Drive Neighbourhood Watch. If you live on any of these streets and would like to join either the Scouts NHW or The Drive NHW, please e-mail your details to:

If you would like to know if your street is covered by a Neighbourhood Watch or if you would like to start a Neighbourhood Watch on your street, then please e-mail and you will be forwarded the relevant contact details and information.



Committee Meeting 14 Aug 19

The Chair welcomed committee members, residents and Cllr Rossetti to the meeting.


At the ward panel meeting on 10th July, problems in Bailey Close were discussed. Residents have complained about drug users, discarded needles and groups of youths hanging around shouting etc. The council say this is not a matter for them but rather for the police. They urge residents to call The Police every time this happens. The BGDRA shall monitor the situation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are a Bailey Close resident.


The North London Waste Authority have put forward their latest plans for the site to Secretary of State Housing and Communities. It will be looked at within the period mid October to early December.

Scouts Park:

A resident of Woodfield Way alerted the committee to building works taking place in Scouts Park. Residents had not been informed of any works taking place. There had also been complaints of excessive noise from the park over the weekends from bark making machines and jet washers. Cllr Rossetti said she would look into this.

Tunnel Gardens:

A resident was concerned that people were living in tents on Tunnel Gardens. SNCOs did a walk through with the resident and found no evidence of anyone having been camping on the site.

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 10th September in the drama room at Alexandra Park School

Turn up to protect Pinkham Way: waste plant back on the cards

Comfrey patch in Pinkham Way, our Site of Importance for Nature Conservation BGDRA
Comfrey patch in Pinkham Way, our Site of Importance for Nature Conservation

What: Local plan inspector considers Pinkham Way
When: 1.30pm on Wednesday 31 August
Where: Haringey Civic Centre, N22 8ZW

The Pinkham Way Alliance (PWA) wants us to show we don’t want a waste site on Pinkham Way by turning up at an important session of the local plan inspector next week.

Inspector Christine Thorby started her examination of the Haringey Local Plan this week.

In a bid to convince her to retain the ‘employment designation’ for Pinkham Way, the North West London Waste Authority (NWLA) ( has ressurected plans to develop a residual waste plant on the site.

  • We need as many people as possible to attend the session that really matters to the PWA, starting at 1.30pm on Wednesday 31 August.
  • We need to show the inspector, Haringey Council and the NWLA that Pinkham Way is totally unsuitable for development, other than small scale local community uses.
  • Any waste use is wholly unacceptable on what is a high value Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC). It is the only SINC in Greater London that is also has an employment designation. The employment designation must be dropped.

David Diggle of Turley’s will speak on behalf of the PWA, supported by Stephen Brice and Evelyn Ryan of the alliance.

Please try to come, if only for part of the session.

We must remember that, though these are public proceedings, no participation such as shouting, barracking, or clapping is allowed. Let’s show our strength of feeling by turning up in strong numbers!


In July, inspector Thorby asked participants to respond to certain issues. The NWLA has argued that it would still need Pinkham Way for residual waste treatment if its plans for Edmonton fail.

Read the PWA responses here: Part 1 and Part 2

Read the NWLA response here

Thanks! Hope to see some of you there.


How could the BGDRA help you?

What do you want the BGDRA to be?

Our homes were still new when the Bounds Green and District Residents Association was founded in 1933. Now the BGDRA needs your interest and energy to keep going.

We cannot underestimate the commitment of long-standing members, particularly treasurer Ron Lock and chairman Ken Ranson. Indeed, let’s pay tribute to them for their decades of effective community work. However, we can’t rely on a few people to keep it going.

Many of us have busy lives, so perhaps this won’t be possible; but seeing how my neighbours rallied round following recent burglaries, I think the BGDRA still has a purpose.

It doesn’t have to be complicated; it could become a hub for sharing info from the police; and a place to signpost larger planning issues, such as  Pinkham Way.

My name is Rebecca, and I can publish this e-newsletter, which goes to about 140 people, and update the blog every month this year. Use the contact form or email to let me know what you want to see; send me your information about events you want to promote, or anything that you think your neighbours might want to know.

And let us know what direction you want the BGDRA to take – and how you might be able to get involved. All suggestions are welcome.

Or why not come along to the next meeting on Monday 9 May, at 7.30pm in the library at Alexandra Park School. Use the Rhodes Avenue entrance.


Your ideas for the ward budget?

How could we spend part of a £10,000 ward budget to improve the environment and community spirit?

This budget funded the flower displays outside Bounds Green tube and I think street parties are included too…

Bounds Green and Alexandra wards both have a budget that can be split between applications that ‘improve the wellbeing of the local community in Haringey’. The last round of budgets was underspent, so it’s worth having a go.

Community organisations with a bank account – such as the BGDRA – can apply, with help from ward councillors. Examples of applications that are likely to succeed are:

    • Funding to support ongoing and regular ward or community engagement and development
    • Providing access to tools for a community garden or impacting positively on resident engagement
  • Funding to be used to engage a particular part of the community on a specific issue

See the full details

So, let us know your ideas; send an email, or come along to the next meeting.

Neighbours unite in face of Churston Gardens burglaries

At least six burglaries have happened in Churston Gardens  – which runs from Blake Road to Cline Road –  in the past two months. Miserable for those affected, and worrying for everyone else.

The street’s active community is pulling together to help increase security and to look after one another’s property. A group meeting with the police, arranged by residents and led by Bounds Green ward officer PC Paris Michael, saw frustrations and concerns voiced, and lots of practical advice offered.

The most important message?

If you see someone or something suspicious, or have anything stolen, however small, dial the non-emergency police number 101 and report it. You will be giving the police valuable data that they can use to make the most of their limited resources. Of course, if you see a crime being committed, dial 999

Five security ideas

  1. Fit an alarm – or even a fake box – they do deter burglars.
  2. Hide your valuables in the loft when you go on holiday
  3. Check if your TV can be set to switch itself on when you’re out
  4. Consider LED lights that be controlled remotely by smartphone
  5. Don’t leave anything on show in your car

Meet your Bounds Green Safer Neighbourhoods team at a street briefing on Friday 22 April, at Bounds Green tube from 12-1pm

See next month’s e-newsletter for more on policing

Planning news

Developer plans 12 houses for Blake Road bowling green

Keep an eye out for a planning application to build 12 houses on the site of a former bowls club.

The Glencairn Bowls Club closed earlier this year and the site was bought by a private developer. Access to Blake Road is shared with St Martin of Porres RC Primary School.

The BGDRA is concerned about:

    • The loss of open space
  • The danger to children from increased traffic

It is believed that Sports England has also raised concerns about development plans.

Yewtree Close development fears

People living in Yewtree Close are opposing plans to build four detached four-storey townhouses on land at the back of their homes. They are not NIMBYs, as they knew the land would be developed at some point, but they are very concerned that the proposed development:

    • Is too big for the site
    • Is out of character for the area
  • Would threaten mature trees on what is a greenfield site

See the planning application and all of the objections
(Yewtree Close is a small cul-de-sac opposite the library on Albert Road)

Tunnel Gardens

According to Labour councillor for Alexandra ward Liz McShane at last Monday’s BGDRA meeting, ‘nothing has happened’ since last summer about plans to replace homes in Tunnel Gardens with a development of flats. Watch this space…

Pinkham Way

Thanks from the Pinkham Way Alliance to the 1,488 supporters who signed up to be represented by them in the Haringey Local Plan. See more  

The next step is for an independent planning inspector to be appointed. And look out for another consultation about the North London Waste Plan in the summer.

Crossrail, Christmas and a home insurance cautionary tale

Crossrail 2 | Christmas cheer from local traders | Home insurance cautionary tale | Police station open day | Time’s up for tube ticket office

Crossrail 2 consultation roadshows this week

Don’t forget the Crossrail 2 consultation roadshows starting at Alexandra Palace Station and the Friern Bridge Retail Park this week.Crossrail_2_logo.svg-1

Go to Ally Pally station on Monday (7 December) or New Southgate station and the Frien Bridge Retail Park on Tuesday and Friday.

All open from 12pm to 8pm

Check for more dates


Events: Local shops create some Christmas cheer

Mulled wine? Mince pies? If you want to get into the Christmas spirit and support creative local shops and artists, you’ve got a choice tomorrow (Sunday).

Alexandra Park Parade welcomes you to its Christmas opening event, from 11am-4pm, and promises local produce, special offers and crafts – and free mulled wine and mince pies (while they last). Money will also be raised for Shelter.

Santa’s grotto will be one of the attractions at The Myddleton Road Winter Festival, running from noon-6pm. There’ll be loads of stalls, family fun and live music. Can’t decide? Go to both!


Home insurance cautionary tale

Roger cat napping
Roger cat napping

Our cat Roger proved to be a hopeless watchdog when burglars slipped our front door lock as we slept recently.

But he was less of a disappointment than reading the small print on our home contents insurance policy. This stated that our deadlock should have been used when we went to bed, as well as when we leave the house. It wasn’t, so weren’t covered.

It probably took less than a minute for whoever-it-was to get in and take two iPads and a wireless speaker from the front room. And my purse, which I spent a day convinced I had left somewhere.

So, check your policy. Ours also says that keys must be taken out of locked doors when you go out. Where are your back door keys kept? I know where ours were…

So, always use the second lock when you go to bed – burglars can get through a Yale lock that’s on the latch, without waking you (or the cat) and unfortunately, they don’t take time off at Christmas.

Newsletter editor Rebecca


Police station open day

Meet a police search dog and see inside a cell at the Hornsey Police station open day on Saturday 12 December. Take the chance to talk to your local police officers between 10am-4pm, at 98 Tottenham Lane, N8 7EJ.

  • Learn about the burglary reduction initiative MetTrace
  • Police search dog
  • Take a tour of custody and inside a prisoner cell
  • Have your photo taken in vintage police cars

Reminder: meet your Safer Neighbourhoods team at Bounds Green tube on Monday (7 December) between 12pm and 1pm.


Bounds Green tube in 1955 Credit Ben Brooksbank
Bounds Green tube in 1955
Credit Ben Brooksbank

Time’s up for tube station ticket office

The ticket office windows at Bounds Green tube will be closing for good on 15 December as part of Transport for London’s controversial plans to ‘modernise the Tube’.

Listed building consent was needed to replace the windows with tiling to match the rest of the octagonal hall. The station will remain open when work starts next month.

TFL says: ‘We will be moving our staff into the ticket hall where they can assist you more effectively; the station will continue to be staffed between the first and last train times.’

Secure ticket offices and ticket gates were introduced across the network in the late 1980s.

Happy Christmas and see you in the New Year!


Pinkham Way puzzle | Crossrail 2 roadshows | Meet policing team | Grab a bargain bike

Pinkham Way: where is campaign’s contribution on council website?

PW A5 new threat artwork FINALHas an inch-thick submission opposing plans for a waste site on local green space at Pinkham Way been sucked into a black hole at Haringey Council?

That’s how it feels to the BGDRA, which was one of the 1,154 signatories to the detailed submission by community campaign group the Pinkham Way Alliance. This detailed response to the council’s site allocations consultation was misrepresented as a ‘petition’ at a recent council meeting and it’s like a game of Where’s Wally? to find it on the Haringey website.

Bounds Green councillor and cabinet member for planning Ali Demirci assured the BGDRA that the submission would form part of a consultation and planning process. But it isn’t clear what this process is.

A search for ‘Pinkham Way’ on yields a jumble of results — if the PWA response is there, it’s extremely hard to find. The Pinkham Way page is unclear and out of date in places and there’s no timeline to show what happens next. All residents deserve clear and accessible information about an issue of huge importance to very many. It’s not a game.

Ask your Bounds Green ward councillors where you can find the response:

See the Pinkham Way Alliance website

Comment below to tell us what you think


Crossrail 2: don’t miss consultation roadshows

Crossrail_2_logo.svg-1Intrigued by the engineering, or concerned about how close the tunnel boring machines might come to you? Get more information at Crossrail 2 consultation roadshows, including:
Alexandra Palace Station on

  • Monday 7 December
  • Thursday 17 December

New Southgate, Friern Bridge Retail Park, Pegasus Way

  • Tuesday 8 December
  • Friday 11 December.
    All open from 12pm to 8pm.

The consultation closes on Friday 8 January 2016. The proposed New Southgate branch would open in 2030, with work expected to start in 2020.

Download the Crossrail 2 factsheet: New Southgate station and for full details go to


Meet your Safer Neighbourhoods team at Bounds Green tube

Meet your Met police Safer Neighbourhoods team at a street briefing outside Bounds Green tube on 7 December, between 12pm and 1pm.


Grab a bargain bike at charity auction on 27 November, 7pm-9pm

Charity and social enterprise Bikes for Good Causes is auctioning reconditioned and serviced second-hand bicycles to raise cash for their chosen charity Action for Kids10951161_1063248547023712_7984050151734797888_o

  • Bicycle security marking by Metropolitan Police Safer Transport officers
  • Cakes and soft drinks.

The venue is the Cypriot Community Centre, Earlham Grove, Wood Green, N22 5HJ


Council mobile app lets you report rubbish

The Our Haringey app lets you report problems, from dumped rubbish to graffiti, on your smartphone. You can take a photo of the problem and send it to the correct council team. It is one of Haringey Council’s mobile new apps. Have you used them and have they worked?

We’ve also heard about rubbish collections being missed in some streets recently. Use comments to tell us if you’ve had a problem.


Your nearest Remembrance Sunday memorial service


Remembrance poppies
Remembrance poppies

A Remembrance Sunday service is being held at the war memorial at St Saviour’s Court on Alexandra Park Road at 3pm tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon.
Services were revived at the memorial last year and all local residents are welcome to attend.
The Revd Tony Pybus, of nearby St Andrews Church, will give the service of remembrance, and Haringey mayor Cllr Jennifer Mann will be among the attendees.

Remembrance Sunday is a day for the nation to remember and honour those who have sacrificed themselves to secure and protect our freedom.

Find out about Remembrance Sunday



A chance to be on TV!

bgdra have been approached to see whether residents in our area might be interested in being part of a tv series.  I copy the email below so you can express an interest directly with the production company:

My name is Talitha and I’m writing from Wall to Wall Television ( – one of the country’s leading independent television production companies. The company’s output includes Who Do You Think You Are? The Voice and The Gift for BBC One and Long Lost Family for ITV.

We are looking for a London-based family to take part in another Back In Time social history experiment for BBC Two, summer 2015. Would it be possible to circulate some information to your residents’ association members through an email, newsletter and/or via social media?

We recently made a very popular BBC Two series called Back In Time For Dinner, in which a family ate their way through typical meals of the 1950s through to the 1990s. Following its huge success, we are looking for a family who, just like the Robshaws, will immerse themselves this time in the leisure and entertainment habits of decades past. We are looking for families with a minimum of two children aged 10+ who are available to film over the summer holidays of July and August 2015.  The family should have thoroughly modern leisure habits – turn to modern technology for entertainment and leisure time and enjoy weekend shopping and cinema trips. In the previous series we filmed at the family home and local businesses and amenities so it may be of interest to those who live in Bounds Green.

Back in Time For Dinner mum Rochelle said “it was a fantastically positive experience for the whole family”. Dad Brandon added: “Our eldest daughter said she had never laughed as much as she did that summer of filming. It was also a highly educative experience. We look back on it with a lot of pleasure.” He also wrote for The Independent on the family’s experience:

As a hugely educational immersive adventure for the whole family I am hoping you would approve circulating this information in order to reach members of the local community.

Any interested families should simply email to express an interest.  There is no commitment to take part at the initial enquiry stage, but we are encouraging applications ASAP.

If you are interested in being part of a series like this then what have you got to lose?  Good luck!